HP AviSure: Competitive enzyme-treated protein for your chicks

HP AviSure is a vegetable protein product for young chicks produced from dehulled and fat extracted soybean meal (SBM) by an enzymatic treatment to reduce the level of antinutritional factors (ANFs).

Figure 1. ANF content in soybean meal (SBM) and HP AviSure.

HP AviSure contains 52% crude protein on average and its typical ANF contents are 2 mg TIA/g (3.85 mg TIA/g of protein), 4% indigestible oligosaccharides and 103 ppm beta-conglycinin. By replacing part of SBM in starter feed with HP AviSure, the performance of chicks improves throughout the production cycle, since the low ANF content in this product allows a better morphological and functional development of the intestine at an early age.

  • Aroused early intestinal development
  • Better use of nutrients throughout life
  • Better readiness against moderate intestinal disorders

A minor cost for a greater profit

Although there are several processed soy protein-based products, they are not all the same. The unique enzymatic treatment developed by Hamlet Protein is characterized by, in addition to reducing ANF content, a gentle heating that does not damage amino acids. Thus, HP AviSure has been shown to be more profitable than competitors with similar protein content.

Figure 2. Effect of HP AviSure supplementation in starter feed on the overall performance of chickens (0-42 days) compared to a competitor with similar CP content.

Figure 3. Effect of HP AviSure supplementation in starter feed on the overall performance of chickens (0-42 days) compared to a competitor with corn gluten meal.


The inclusion of HP AviSure in starter feed guarantees you a higher ROI than that obtained with other products with corn gluten meal.
Thus, HP AviSure is the vegetable protein of choice for chicken starter feeds, when it is sought to improve the performance of birds throughout their lives competitively.

Benefitting from our products

Feed is the critical factor in animal production, accounting for up to 70% of total costs. Using HAMLET PROTEIN specialty soy proteins in young animal feed, you can optimize feed efficiency – and maximize your return on investment.

The key is their easy absorption by immature guts. Although added to feed for only a limited period in early life, our proteins have a strong carry-over effect on animal growth and performance. Feeding trials have documented a higher slaughter weight compared to animals fed standard soybean meal.

Our highly bioavailable proteins improve feed quality overall. That paves the way to reducing the total protein content – cutting the cost of your formulation.

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