Hamlet Protein sponsors Mexican nutrition conference AMENA

The Mexican Society of Nutritionists (AMENA) is focused on creating a platform for knowledge sharing on animal nutrition, animal production and related topics. Its’ bi-annual event gathered industry professionals and researchers for a broad range of presentations and interactive discussions.

Megan Bible - PhD in swine nutrition - and Jose Luis Laparra – technical sales manager - attended the event on behalf of Hamlet Proten. Dr. Bible presented the company’s latest finding on protein kinetics. “Recent groundbreaking research on protein kinetics shows that Hamlet Protein had the highest protein hydrolyzation rate when compared to other soy-based ingredients,” commented Megan Bible.

The event provided Jose Luis and me a great opportunity to discuss with producers on how protein kinetics impact animal performance, and how Hamlet Protein can help drive that performance with our patented specialty ingredients” stated Bible.

“Mexico is a target market for Hamlet Protein and sponsoring the AMENA conference an obvious choice for us. AMENA is all about knowledge sharing, which aligns with our company strategy of creating value through knowledge. Bringing new research data to such an esteemed audience is really exciting and allowed us to learn more about the challenges of Mexican producers,” finalized Hamlet Protein CEO Erik Visser.

Hamlet Protein produces soy-based protein ingredients for young piglet, poultry, and cattle feed at two production plants in Denmark and the US. Hamlet Protein services customers around the world through a network of own sales offices and distributors.


Providing the right nutrition in the first life stage determines the overall lifetime performance of the animal. Our soy-based specialty ingredients improve health, welfare and performance of young animals. That is how we deliver a strong return on investment to producers around the world.