Our performance is always on trial

International research institutes, test farms and customers regularly test our products in feeding trials. The findings document the nutritional and functional advantages of our products and their long-term effect on animal performance overall.

Most importantly, the trials keep us on our toes – so we continue to deliver value-adding solutions to farmers around the world.

Efficient broiler production without antibiotics

The research study carried out at Southern Poultry Research in Georgia, USA has compared the effect of HP AviStart with bacitracin methylene disalicylate (BMD), a commonly used and well-researched antibiotic growth promoter (AGP).

broiler production without antibiotics

Growing broilers on antibiotic and ionophore free diets

The question of how to succeed with antibiotic-free production and what alternatives are available in the market has been the subject of many discussions.For HAMLET PROTEIN the key consideration is the digestibility of feed and elimination of dietary anti-nutritional factors.

TRIAL on antibiotic free poultry diets

Positive impact on foot pad health

Foot pad lesions – or dermatitis – are most common in younger broilers as their skin is thinner and more sensitive. Once lesions develop, the affected birds are also at greater risk of infection. Among the causes are wet bedding and foraging areas and high humidity, caused by poor ventilation. Another is diet.

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