Improve consistency of nutrient inclusion in pet food diets to support health​

Today’s pet diet trends

Current trends in pet food are increasing demand for formulations that either have a high fresh meat inclusion rate to mimic ancestral diets or formulations that contain no meat at all to align with pet owner’s dietary restrictions. Both of these trends may pose a challenge to the pet food industry.

Introducing HP 300 for pet nutrition

HP300 can help to address both challenges by providing an alternative protein option for meat-free pet food diets and by increasing the maximum inclusion rates of fresh meat for high-meat extruded diets. HP 300 can hold five times its weight in water which has significant benefits when processing high-meat formulations using a single-screw extruder.

  • Low content of anti-nutritional factors
  • Rich in digestible protein
  • High water holding capacity

The benefits of soy protein

HP 300 creates an opportunity for pet food diets to incorporate a novel protein that offers many advantages to pet health as proven by our research trials.

Consistency of nutrient composition in pet food diets is important to maintain overall health of the animal. Soy protein creates an opportunity to improve the nutrient consistency of pet food diets by providing a balanced, and complete protein source that is highly digestible.

Ensuring nutrients included in the diet can be easily absorbed and utilized by pets is another important factor that can impact pet health. By adding soy protein with low anti-nutritional factors (ANFs), digestibility of the diet increases while increasing palatability.

With more consumers looking for high-quality, high-meat diets for their pets, soy protein provides an additional production benefit. Its high water holding capacity allows it to act as a production aid to more easily process high-meat formulations, contributing to increased quality of pet food.

  • Improved consistency of nutrient profile
  • Highly palatable
  • Pet food processing advantages

Another benefit of incorporating soy protein into pet food diets is from a sustainability perspective. Soy protein is the most sustainable protein source. Formulating HP 300 will contribute to sustainable production while creating a product that is of the highest quality to keep companions healthy.


Providing the right nutrition in the first life stage determines the overall lifetime performance of the animal. Our soy-based specialty ingredients improve health, welfare and performance of young animals. That is how we deliver a strong return on investment to producers around the world.