Speed matters – Hamlet Protein is hydrolyzed faster than other soy-based proteins

By Hamlet Protein

Research shows that such proteins (fast hydrolysis and absorption) can improve the performance and feed efficiency of the animals. If your feed contains fast hydrolysable and absorbable proteins, your animal can better utilize the feed. This means that you will be able to increase your production of for instance meat without increasing the protein content of the feed. A fast absorption will simultaneously decrease the emission of nitrogen by reducing the excretion through urine.

Soy protein from Hamlet Protein is hydrolyzed faster than other soy-based proteins which makes it a beneficial and efficient protein source for your animals. Let us have a closer look at how protein kinetics – the speed by which protein is hydrolyzed – can benefit your animals and you as a farmer.

What is protein kinetics?

Protein kinetics describes the speed by which proteins are hydrolyzed and absorbed. The concept is important as both the speed and where in the intestine these processes are taking place matters for the subsequent availability and utilization in the animal. Traditionally, a protein source is evaluated based on its protein content and digestibility, however, digestibility does not provide the full picture. Protein digestibility only considers how much protein is left at the end of the small intestine. This value does therefore not provide any indications of how fast or where in the intestine the protein is absorbed.

Two protein sources can thus have the same value for protein digestibility but vary considerably in how fast the protein is digested. This is decisive for the total utilization of protein. The faster the protein is hydrolyzed, the faster it is absorbed and the better it is utilized in the animal. By also considering protein kinetics we move from only looking at how much protein is being absorbed to also be looking at how fast it is absorbed.

Why are fast absorbable proteins beneficial?

1. Faster protein hydrolysis early in the small intestine:

Peptides are hydrolyzed throughout the small intestine by proteases, and fast protein hydrolysis means that more peptides are hydrolyzed into amino acids in the first part of the small intestine.

2. Faster amino acid absorption into the blood stream:

The earlier in the small intestine the amino acids are absorbed, the better synchronization with energy released from starch digestion.

3. Increased protein availability for tissues, milk and organs:

The better synchronization in absorption speed for all amino acid sources, the more of the protein is used for growth and building of tissues, milk and organs.

4. Improved protein utilization and feed efficiency:

Fast absorbable proteins contribute to a better utilization of feed resulting in improved feed conversion ratio and less excretion of nitrogen with urine.

Which protein ingredient to choose?

Combined research from Aarhus University and Hamlet Protein shows that protein from Hamlet Protein is hydrolyzed faster than other soy-based protein ingredients (figure 1).

Figure 1. Speed of protein degradation measured by the hydrolysis constant k[µL/(mol*s); µL=microliter NaOH needed to keep pH at 8 during hydrolysis (acid is released) and s=seconds] for 7 different soy-based protein ingredients when incubated with proteolytic enzymes for 120 minutes. Values in bubbles indicate the percentage difference to SBM. The higher the k-value, the faster the hydrolysis and thus absorption.​

The unique production process of Hamlet Protein using enzymatic treatment does not only effectively reduce the content of anti-nutritional factors but may also modify the protein in such a way that it becomes easier accessible for proteolytic enzymes, resulting in a very fast protein source. By including Hamlet Protein in feed formulation, the speed of the feed’s overall protein hydrolysis can be increased, which improves utilization of the feed. This makes Hamlet Protein an advantageous protein source for you and your animals.

How do animals benefit from fast proteins?

Fast absorbable protein ingredients provide the following benefits for you as a farmer:

  • Improved growth performance and FCR as the proteins will be utilized better within the animal
  • Reduced environmental impact as less nitrogen will be excreted with urine
  • Less non-hydrolyzed protein will reach the hindgut and reduce the risk of unwanted production of potentially harmful protein fermentation products

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