Hamlet Protein reports strong growth

Hamlet Protein’s CEO Erik Visser, appointed mid-2019 lead a restructuring of the company and review of its strategy. Cost levels were aligned with business size, a hands-on management team appointed and a more customer focused approach to the business introduced.

Hamlet Protein’s 2020 recurring EBITDA increased by 42% compared with 2019. This was driven by a volume growth of 19% versus prior year and improved cost management. APAC, which saw China recovering from ASF, was the main contributor with a 58% volume increase. Even as market conditions for swine producers deteriorated in H2-2020, NCA still delivered 15% above last year. EMEA, with a slight declining performance in Denmark, grew by 4% and BRSA increased 32% versus 2019.

“Covid-19 and ASF provided challenging market conditions in 2020. Even though the market demand for animal protein proved to be resilient, we saw different effects across the many markets we serve. Having invested in local resources in our most important export markets, we were well positioned to address changing conditions. And with the right Covid-19 measures in place we were able to secure an uninterrupted supply to our customers,” commented Hamlet Protein CEO Erik Visser.

“We have successfully completed a transition that sets us up for further growth. We have intensified the cooperation with our distributors, focused on onboarding specific skillsets across departments, invested in our sustainability agenda and strengthened the branding and positioning of Hamlet Protein. I am very proud of the team effort that made that possible,” added Erik Visser.

Cash flow from operations increased significantly versus 2019 and is now positive again, following improved EBITDA and working capital management. A new financing agreement improved Hamlet Protein’s liquidity and reduced its interest costs.

“We look to the future with confidence. The market for young animal nutrition continues to grow. In 2021 additional production capacity in our US plant will become available; our remodeled headquarter office will be opened in Denmark and two new products, targeting swine and poultry producers, will be launched,” concluded Erik Visser.


Providing the right nutrition in the first life stage determines the overall lifetime performance of the animal. Our soy-based specialty ingredients improve health, welfare and performance of young animals. That is how we deliver a strong return on investment to producers around the world.