Hamlet Protein featured in global global thought leader series

A series of documentary films, being broadcast by Reuters, shows how industries are set to evolve in a rapidly changing landscape and how they create and harness new opportunities in a sustainable manner.

Hamlet Protein represents the animal nutrition industry in the segment dedicated to ‘Global Food Security – The Evolution of Livestock Nutrition Management. Against the backdrop of an increasing demand for safe feed and food, the movie explores how Hamlet Protein can contribute to feeding a growing world population. “We are honored to be part of this documentary series, alongside other global companies, and to be recognized as a leading company in our industry,” commented Hamlet Protein CEO Erik Visser.


Providing the right nutrition in the first life stage determines the overall lifetime performance of the animal. Our soy-based specialty ingredients improve health, welfare and performance of young animals. That is how we deliver a strong return on investment to producers around the world.