Porkaméricas 2024 International Congress

Please join us at Porkaméricas 2024 International Congress at the Las Américas Convention and Exhibition Center, in Cartagena, Colombia on July 16-19, 2024.

The academic agenda has renowned national and international speakers, and the commercial exhibition has more than 60 stands.

We are proud to partner with our distributor Nutrivec at this main event of the South American swine industry. Together, we will host an event featuring a presentation by Dr. Bruno Silva, professor at UFMG in Brazil. He collaborates with the main companies and investigation institutes in Latin America, Europe, and Asia, and he is constantly developing new concepts in animal nutrition for pigs in tropical climates.

Please reach out to BRSA Sales Manager Angela Mejia for more information about the event.

We will be happy to receive our partners and clients at our stand to talk about our latest research in protein kinetics as well as the importance of the use of fast protein in animal diets.

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