DPP 2022

The 15th International Symposium on Digestive Physiology of Pigs will be held in Rotterdam in Holland between May 17th and 20th 2022. DPP is considered one of the most important global scientific events in the field of pig nutrition. In addition to Hamlet Protein being the bronze sponsor, Hamlet will be present at the conference by a poster presentation with the title:

“The impact of adding different levels of enzyme-treated soy fiber to weaners’ diets on performance and short-chain fatty acid production in the hindgut” and presented by Dr. Jürgen Zentek’s team from Freie Universität Berlin

Additionally, there are three poster presentations that will be presented by the skilled researchers from Aarhus University as a result of Project FORFRA (feed the pigs and train the enzymes prior to weaning) that Hamlet Protein is part of.

  1. The effect of processing on in vitro starch digestion rate of cereal grains depends on species.
  2. Growth, digestibility, and digestive enzyme activity are affected by dietary protein and starch quality in newly weaned pigs.

The influence of dietary ingredient quality and protein level on gut microbiota composition and microbial metabolites in weanling pigs

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